Saturday, November 21, 2009

Les Noces, HGM shout-out, Mnozil Brass

It's Saturday morning and I just flowered the grounds on a super brew (Peet's/Intelligentsia). I hope all of you have received your save the dates!! We have our wedding site up now - so check it out!

"Les Noces" - Igor Stravinsky

Next up, a HUGE shout-out to Hiss Golden Messenger, my brother Mike's (aka MC Taylor, aka Jai Lil Diamond) band. MC posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook yesterday (so I'm mostly just retweeting this info). If you don't have "Country Hai East Cotton," which I love so much, get it!!

Totally different subject here, but a friend sent me this video of Austria's Mnozil Brass, which is maybe the some of the best brass playing I've ever heard. They're also really funny in a dorky classical musician kind of way. I was mesmerized by these guys and cried laughing...

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