Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trumpet Lessons & Current Performances

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on some upcoming performances in May and an updated link you can check for information on trumpet lessons.

My website is still in progress, but the basics are up at:


Click on the 1st link (info about lessons, and there you go!)

As for performances, here's what I have for now:

Saturday 5/9/09
Mahler's 5th Symphony with the San Bernardino Symphony

Saturday 5/16/09
Legends of American Film Music with the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

Sunday 5/17/09
Claremont Winds Concert in Baldwin Park

Saturday 5/30/09
Mozart & Mahler's 5th Symphony (again, hey why not) with the Long Beach Symphony

Thursday, April 2, 2009

B Positive!

I can't say how happy I am about some things on the horizon - and how that impacts my daily outlook. Just around the bend is the ever-elusive spring break and Ali and I have plans equivalent of amazing comfort food. We'll be warming up by driving to Marin for some camping and hiking at Mt. Tam State Park, and to have a drink at Nature's friend with the ancient Miwoks. After getting thoroughly dirty and drunk (what says Marin county more than that!), we'll be staying in the city at a fancy pants hotel in Pacific Heights to grab a shower and stroll the Presidio. Also hoping to hit Suppenkuche, drink some great wine at Delfina (it was here I first drank the glory of Greenwood Ridge), eat a morning bun at Tartine, maybe hear the Symphony, and if Berkeley is in the cards on the way out of town, snag a Topdog real quick. Basically a greatest hits record for me. San Francisco still provides everything I want out of a city: easy access to natural beauty, food, drink, and music - all at the highest level.

Driving back down the coast we'll be stopping for a few nights in the Los Olivos/Santa Ynez area for some tasting and general merriment. On the list are: Foxen, Kalyra, Gainey, the Los Olivos Cafe, and possibly repeat visits to Babcock and Beckman. I salivate thinking of these days....

And now for a small segment I'll call "Wine Tonight":

I'm drinking a Parducci Sustainable Red which I can't complain about, but I had a bottle really hit me hard this week:

Chalone Vineyards Syrah

Deeeeeeeeeep flavor. Please enjoy this wine responsibly, as you may drink the whole damn bottle!

Before you go, some bomb-ass Fela...